Flatten an array without recursion

Recursion is a process of re-doing the repititive subtasks, but in most cases it requires more memory than iteration. Now without getting much into the theory »

Using Socket.io with Adonis

Adonis has gained traction since its launch, and I have received a couple of requests on how to integrate socket.io with Adonis. Check out adonis »

Singleton Classes In Es6

Last time we discussed the importance of Singleton design pattern and how to implement same in CoffeeScript. Es6 classes are little bit different from Coffeescript as »

CoffeeScript Singleton design pattern

Singleton design pattern is preffered over globals, as they do not pollute the global scope and still makes sure that same class is not getting initiated »

Setting up Typescript for Sublime Text on Mac

Typescript is a superset of Javascript and it compiles back to Javascript, which means valid Typescript is valid Javascript. Most of the examples/tutorials you find »

Upgrading ngCli to v3

Angular cli recently have been updated to v3 as a major release. There have been major strucutural changes leading to broken existing apps. This post will »

Angular Cli - Getting Started

Angular cli is a nice scaffolding tool to create quick production ready apps for Angularjs. You can read official docs here on http://ngcli.github.io »

Hygienic programming using dot files

Automating development process is really important to stay productive and focused while working on a project, and there are several dot files which can help you »

Validating models in Node Js using Indicative

Data validation is the key point of writing applications,as it is always important to make sure the data you are collecting is valid upto some »

Creating sitemaps for your ghost blog

Ghost has version 0.5.3 at time of writing this post , and the way we are going to generate sitemap will work until ghost makes »