Creating sitemaps for your ghost blog

Ghost has version 0.5.3 at time of writing this post , and the way we are going to generate sitemap will work until ghost makes major changes to the DB structure.

In ghost there is no simple way to generate sitemaps of blog posts you want to share around the web. I faced same issue when i launched my blog and wrote my first angular post. Angularjs webp support and decided to create a simple yet powerful module to generate accurate sitemaps for my blog.

I created a npm package ghost sitemap , which needs to be installed globally to generate sitemaps.


Installing is as easy as any other npm package

npm install -g ghost-sitemap

and you will get access to 3 brand new commands prefixed by ghostSitemap

  • init - init command will create a configration , where you can define ghost environment , sitemap frequency and priority.

  • generate - will generate series of sitemaps for you inside your specified output directory.

  • ping - will ping google and bing about your updates. Ping accepts a single argument as search engine name.

Example - ping all , ping google , ping google,bing

You can read more on npm